Midtown, Soho, Downtown, Times Square Office Space NYC

Have you invested time searching for a Midtown office space or Soho office space in NYC? Struggling to find a deal on your favorite Chelsea, Times Square, or Wall Street/Financial District office space you found the other day in NYC? Gideon Commercial Real Estate has a solution for how to provide you with the most available options for your search. Even though we work with clients on various scales, we specialize in spaces from five thousand square feet and more both in leasing and investment sales. Be it a Downtown office space in NYC or a Grand Central office space in NYC again, we can get you anything the current market has depending on your needs. We lay emphasis on NYC so much because NYC/Manhattan is where we operate and we own it, figuratively. We also have some super creative loft office Spaces in NYC to offer. In case you want a unique office space that grips your employees and sets and example, we might prove to be of great help. Larger spaces usually have more specific requirements for both the client and the landlord. For a client, this will usually involve negotiating specific build outs and longer term deals. For the landlord, this will involve assuring the landlord that the client is financially secure and will be a good tenant through the term of the lease. When we represent the landlord, we make sure to prequalify all tenants before we get to an offer stage, once we receive an offer, we work to ensure that the process of negotiations is conducted in the most professional manner which usually yields the best outcome for all parties involved. As the space increases in size, so do intricacies of the lease or sale. Everything has to be accounted for and negotiated- from the build out, free rent, deposit, annual rent increments to negotiating the way the client will be charged for taxes throughout the term of the lease are just some of the details that have to be taken in to consideration when negotiating the lease or sale.

Commercial Office Space Manhattan NYC

We have extensive experience in many business segments such as commercial office space in the greater NYC/Manhattan area. We understand that an office lease that requires a specific amount of offices and conference rooms to be build out is very different from a production or an IT company lease which requires to have certain measure of electricity in the space and to have specific rooms created for the hardware. We have worked with a full spectrum of clients from commercial office space clients to gym chains to medical facilities and spas. We understand the specific requirements for each industry and we will make sure that all of the specific requirements are accounted for before we take you to see any space. We have extensive experience in many business segments including but not limited to:
  • Financial companies
  • Office use clients
  • Fashion tenants
  • Showroom spaces
  • IT companies
  • Gyms/ Health club
  • Government offices – for both US and foreign nations
  • Franchises
  • Restaurants
  • Night clubs
  • Spaces for schools
  • Medical spaces
  • Spas
  • Training facilities