International Clients

At Gideon Commercial Real Estate we have extensive experience working with international companies that want to open up an office in New York City.

International companies require a very specific representation not only in finding the right space which we do in many cases with our clients not being present in New York during the search process but also in the way the financial requirements that the landlord requests are presented.

In most cases if the company is not U.S. based the landlords will require additional sense of security to make sure that the companies will meet all of their financial obligations, we understand that and we take all measures to make sure that everyone is on the same page and both the client and the landlord feel that the all of their questions are answered and a deal can be done.

We have a broad understanding on what it takes to work with international companies. Our job is to find your company the right space and make sure that all points are taken care of by the time you are ready for your New York location.